Two service users enjoying a day at the fair.

Supported Living

In Flexible Support Options we offer people living in their own homes and tenancies a range of support. We can support people who want to live by themselves or share with others.

All our supported living services are delivered in a flexible, person centred way, ensuring that the service is designed and delivered in partnership with the tenant and in a way that reflects what is important to them. We will enable you to have a person centred plan which will guide us to plan with you what you want to achieve in your life and how we can support you to achieve it.

We can provide:

  • A Person Centred Plan developed with you and those people important in your life
  • Support in finding the right property and tenancy agreement
  • Support in maintaining your tenancy
  • Full risk management support
  • Support to develop the skills you want
  • Support to find education, employment and social activities through community mapping
  • Staff who have skills to meet your specific needs
  • Support to attend appointments such as GP, Dentist etc.
  • Staff who share similiar interests
  • Support to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
High Quality, Flexible Support!