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Supporting you if you have a Forensic History

Flexible Support Options can support people to be reintegrated into local communities and have fulfilling and safe lives. We will work in partnership with you, those important in your life and the range of professionals and agencies that are part of the discharge plan to enable you to have the life you want.

We will support you to comply and live with the special restrictions made by the Crown Court/Home Office or Mental Health Act requirements that will enable you to maintain your community presence. We work in a flexible, person centred way to help you identify your needs and wishes and develop support plans that guide you to achieve the life you want.

We can provide:

  • An individual transition plan developed with you and the people important in your life to enable a smooth transition
  • A Person Centred Plan developed with you and the people important in your life
  • Support to enable you to positively work alongside your lead professionals
  • Support in finding the right property to meet your needs/requirements this could be a tenancy or residential setting
  • Full risk management support
  • Support to maintain Mental Health Act requirements and or Home Office special restrictions
  • Support to develop the skills you want
  • Support to find education, employment and social activities in your community
  • Staff who have skills to meet your specific needs.
High Quality, Flexible Support!