a group of service users having fun at a pool night at the local pub.

Supporting you if you have Autism or Asperger’s

Within Flexible Support Options we support people to live and be part of their local communities for fulfilling and safe lives. We will work in partnership with you, the people important in your life and the range of professionals and agencies that are part of your plan enabling you to have the life you want.

We can support you with how you communicate, in understanding your social cues and form relationships. We have experience and the understanding to recognise you may need different kinds of support.

We will respect you have skills, abilities and uniqueness. We work in a flexible, person centred way to help you identify your needs and wishes and develop support plans that guide you to achieve the life you want.

We can provide:

  • An individual transition plan developed with you, the people important in your life including professionals and agencies to enable a smooth transition
  • A Person Centred Plan developed with you and the people important in your life
  • Support in finding the right property to meet your needs/requirements
  • Full risk management support
  • Support to maintain and develop links within the community and local groups
  • Support to develop good relationships with people who share common interests
  • Support to maintain your skills and develop new ones
  • Support to find education, employment and social activities in your community
  • Support for you to be involved in the recruitment of staff. We understand you want support from people who share your interests now and for your future
  • Staff that have excellent communication skills, will use your preferred communication tools and work closely with you
  • Staff that work to our high standard of Learning and Development including training for any specific support needs required to work with you.
High Quality, Flexible Support!